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Yoga Class Descriptions

Monday 12.00-1.00pm with Hannah

Vinyasa Flow – with movements sequenced together in a dynamic and flowing way, including hip openers, back bending, heart openers and hip/shoulder mobility. Level: Intermediate (Beginners welcome)

Monday 7.30-8.30pm with Nitasha

I-Yoga : MyoRelease – helps eliminate muscle fatigue and restore flexibility. Using gentle yoga poses, self-massage and trigger point stimulation, this class is designed to release muscular and myofascial knots helping you feel relaxed. Aides restful sleep. Suitable for all levels.

Monday 8.30-9.30pm with Nitasha

I-Yoga : ReAlign – is designed to improve posture and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to aide cellular healing.  Using yoga flows and static poses to stretch muscle and realign the body, this class is both challenging and restful. Level: Intermediate (Beginners welcome)

Tuesday 11.00-12.00pm, Thursday 10.30-11.30am & 11.30-12.30pm, Saturday 10.00-11.00am & 11.15-12.15pm with Caroline

Hatha Yoga – a mixed ability Hatha yoga class for all levels, possibly with some challenges but the emphasis on working at one’s own level and working with the body on that day. A nurturing experience for body and mind.

Wednesday 7.00-8.00am with Adele

Funky Flow Yoga – an energising, dynamic Yoga class. Taught in an upbeat and positive way, to ensure that you get the best from your class. Combining posture (asana) with breath (pranayama), a funky playlist and finished off with  a short meditation, this class will leave you invigorated and ready for the day ahead! Suitable for all levels.

Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm & 8.00-9.00pm, Sunday 10.15-11.15am & 5.00-6.00pm with Viv

Hatha Yoga – suitable for all levels, this class integrates breath work to assist in the asanas, whilst relaxing with body and mind. The class pace will take into account the ability and knowledge of posture and cues to aid alignment. Continued practice will assist with toning and elongating the muscles and achieve a real sense of relaxing and well-being.


Friday 6.30-7.30am with Hannah

Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow – a faster paced class and stronger practice, including inversions, arm balances and deep back bending. Level: Intermediate (Beginners welcome)

Friday 7.15-8.15pm with Hannah

Yin Slow Flow – a gentle and deeply relaxing yoga class suitable for all levels where poses are held for longer and the pace is slower.


So glad Bedford finally has a first class health club. @ClubTowers has become my second home! Highly recommend! – AS


“Cool! About Time!! ”
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