We strive to be the best place to play tennis in Bedfordshire, with professional LTA-licensed coaching for all levels, team tennis and strong junior participation and performance programmes. Our aim is to create a welcoming tennis club which continually invests in and improves its facilities and where members feel valued and listened to. We invite players of all levels to come and sample our first-class facilities.

And if you have never picked up a racquet before, or want to return to tennis after a long absence, come and give us a try. We will have a coaching or social tennis programme for you to enjoy.

Playing Facilities

We offer the only purpose built, indoor tennis courts in North Bedfordshire, providing a comfortable environment for all-year-round tennis. A mix of 3 indoor and 4 floodlit outdoor courts provide wonderful tennis facilities all year round. From October to April, all four of our outdoor courts are protected with a temporary bubble, giving protection from the elements during the winter season.

The floodlit outdoor courts use one of the latest artificial grass surfaces, providing a medium paced surface with consistent bounce. The indoor courts use one of the slower carpet surfaces, and are LED illuminated.

Leagues, Tournaments and Team

We enter multiple Men’s, Ladies and Mixed Teams into the local Bedfordshire summer and winter leagues, and we have achieved some great successes in our first competitive seasons.

Internal singles leagues are also operated, enabling you to play competitive tennis at your own standard, and to meet and socialise with other members.

Annual tournaments are run during the year for adults and Veterans, whilst our Juniors have the opportunity to enter four internal competitions every year, including the Junior Club Championships.

Court Booking

We operate an on-line booking system that enables you to book your court quickly and simply using your phone, tablet or PC.



We offer multiple group coaching sessions from beginner to good intermediate standard, with members also able to use our excellent coaching team to book themselves individual coaching sessions – either short courses or one-offs to work on a particular technique or shot.

Our coaching team has a wealth of experience. All are LTA-licensed, graded from Level 3 through to Level 5.

When you join our club, you will be invited to have an introductory session with one of our coaches, to assess your playing standard and guide you towards the group sessions that are appropriate to your playing ability. This will ensure that you get the most from your membership.

The timetable below shows the tennis activities that we run for our adult members.


We aim to drive junior participation in tennis, helping youngsters to enjoy their tennis activities and develop their skills in an encouraging and friendly environment. We run courses for all junior levels from Tots, through mini-red, orange and green, to yellow ball tennis. Our aim is to develop over time a strong performance programme for our junior players to aspire to.

Tennis is a wonderful sport for youngsters – helping to develop not only ball skills but also the basic movement skills of agility, balance and coordination that underpin many other sporting activities, and important mental skills such as concentration and perseverance. So whether you want your children to be the next Andy Murray, or simply to develop skills that will benefit their overall physical and mental development, tennis has much to offer.

The timetable below shows the tennis activities that we run for our junior members.

Adult Welcome

Meet your Racquets Manager Nick Boys, and other coaches, who will assess your tennis skills and guide you to the correct classes, sessions and courses to maximize your time at Club Towers.

Cost: Nil


Starting your tennis journey with our incredible monthly free course, whether you are returning or new to the sport. Over a 4 week period our coaches will transform your forehand, backhand, volleys and serve and make sure you are able to join in our social sessions by the end of the course.

Cost: Nil


Following on from StartRite, this 6 week course will enhance your whole game. Your technique will be developed, yours tactics will become clearer, and your movement patterns smoother. You will be ready for box leagues and looking to play matches after this course.

Cost: £36 for 6 weeks

Drills & Points

An hour of intense movement and hitting to a specific weekly and monthly theme throughout each session. Then all put into point situations to finish the session. This will hurt the next day.

Cost: £5.00 per session

Coach & Play

A weekly hour and a half themed drop in session. Learn it, practice it and then put into a point situation.

Cost: £7.50 per session

Double Tactics

Develop your doubles game with Racquets Manager Nick Boys and give your game the edge it needs.

Cost:£5.00 per session

Adult Social Tennis

Come and mix in with other members, make new friends, play some competitive tennis. This is a member led session.

Cost: Nil

Competitive Tennis

Team Practice Night

Want to play against other clubs in the leagues, speak to Nick Boys to get involved with the other serious team players at the club.

Cost: £1.00 per session

Box Leagues

Our internal singles and doubles competition for our racquets members. Arrange the matches at your convenience and the results can be put towards your ratings/ranking improvement.

Cost: Nil

*For further information or if you have any questions please email Nick Boys or call him on 07810 832774

Tennis Tots

This is the start of your tennis journey, a 45 minute session for children aged 2.5 to 4 which focuses on hand-eye coordination, movement, balance and lots of fun!  Cost: £54.00 for 12 weeks.

Mini Tennis

Ranging from our Mini Red Hot Shots 1 to our Mini Green Slammers 3. There will be evening and weekend classes.

Mini Red

Hot Shots 1

This 45 minute starter session for ages 4-6 we will be covering fundamentals of movement, balance, receiving and sending skills and will work on a racquet skill each week to build a basic tennis game ready for the next level.

Cost: £48.00 for 12 weeks

Hot Shots 2

This 1 hour session is for ages 5-7, overlapping and developing from Hots Shots 1. Moving the game on to develop your technique, movement and recovery. We will be preparing you for matches.

Cost: £60 for 12 weeks

Hot Shot 3

A 1 hour session for ages 6-8, this is our performance squad for mini red, working towards county level players.  Working on refining your technique and thinking about match tactics, developing footwork and recovery for the next shot are the key development points for this session.

Cost: £60 for 12 weeks

Miss Hits

Judy Murray’s starter programme for girls aged 5-8 years. All about fun, friendship and tennis – with character-themed sessions and warm up dances. Do visit the website for more information and a fun free app! .

Cost: £48.00 for 12 weeks

Mini Orange

Aces 1&2

A 1 hour session for ages 8-9, this will be your first step onto a larger court for beginners and intermediate players. We will develop your technique through drills and playing points. We will be introducing specific movement, technical improvement and sound tactical awareness. We aim for you to start playing matches and be ready to move up to Mini Green Slammers

Cost: £60 for 12 weeks

Aces 3

This 1 hour session for ages 8-9 is our performance squad aimed at regular competing players aspiring to county level and aiming to move up to Mini Green Slammers. Emphasis in this squad will be on fine tuning technical and tactical elements and increasing the movement range in a drill and rally situation.

Cost: £60 for 12 weeks

Mini Green

Slammers 1&2

This 1 hour session is the first step onto a full court for ages 9-11. These sessions will be designed to develop your technique and basic tactical awareness for beginner and intermediate players. We will look to push you towards our Slammers 3 performance squad.

Cost: £60 for 12 weeks

Slammers 3

Our 1 hour performance squad to push our top 9 & 10 year olds. The aim is to further enhance your technical and tactical ability whilst developing your physical movement and recovery to be ready for an easy transition into yellow ball tennis. You will be regularly competing and looking to be in the county squads.

Cost: £60 for 12 weeks

Yellow Ball

From age 11, all players use a full court and normal yellow tennis ball. This is the natural progression from mini tennis. We have a beginner session, Team 1, right through to a performance session Team 3, to help you develop your tennis.

Team 1 & 2

Age and ability based 1 hour training sessions for our starters and developers for full court tennis squads.

Working on sound techniques from major academies and adding a sound tactical method of playing to get you playing at a great level fast and move your player rating and ranking in the right direction. Looking to be invited to our Performance 4 squad.

Cost: £60 for 12 weeks

Team 3

Our 90 minute ultimate junior session based on ability alone and strictly by invitation only. This is a minimum county level squad looking to push you to the limit and on to the next level at regional and national standard. You will be competing regularly and working with a coach on an individual program.

Cost: £90 for 12 weeks

*For further information or if you have any questions please email Nick Boys or call him on 07810 832774


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