Get Ready for Your New Year Resolution! Workshop – Beyond Goal Setting & Overcoming Barriers

What will be your New Year Resolution?

To be more assertive? To be better at managing your work-life balance? Be better at saying “No”? Losing weight? To get more active physically? To be more confident?  Have more empathy for others?  Be better at delegation?

Any of these resonate with you?

Before you get into the Christmas frenzy of December, why don’t you give yourself a moment to look at the goals you want to achieve for yourself in the New Year and what barriers could be in the way?

This workshop aims to assist you with your initial goal setting and look the at barriers that are in your way. It then proceeds to pinpoint and address whatever beliefs and assumptions undermine your intentions and stop you from achieving your goals. We called these beliefs and assumptions – Our “Immunity To Change™”.

The process of discovering your Immunity to Change™ is a simple way to bring to light our personal barriers to change and to understand how we are unwittingly working against realising our personal aspirations. It starts by outlining your commitment to an improvement goal. Then the process is accomplished via a set sequence of reflective questions, which the participants respond to, one at a time, on a specially designed worksheet, followed by a debriefing with a partner and headlines from the facilitator.  At the end of the process, you will be able to create your own personal map of “Immunity To Change™” which relates to your specific improvement goal.

Once you have discovered your “Immunity to Change™” – the invisible barriers that really stop you from reaching your goals — you can then take a good look at them from a distance and move forward to find strategies to overcome them.

The process of Immunity To Change™ was developed by Professor Dr. Robert Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey, who have been in the field of Adult Learning and Professional Development at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education for over 30 years. “Immunity To Change™ process is so effective that it is now used by many leaders in business, governmental and educational organisations in the US, Europe and Asia. Large numbers of consultants and coaches are also adopting the process in group workshops as part of team or leadership development programmes, and in 1-1 coaching sessions.

It is recommended that you may want to ask a friend, colleague or partner to do the workshop with you, to maximize the learning impact during the workshop and provide further support and continuous learning after the workshop. For individual participants, we can pair you up with a learning partner at the start of the workshop if you wish.

Date: Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Time: 19:00 – 22:00

Place: Towers Health & Racquets Club

Price: £48  (£40 for Club Towers’ members)

Please make your booking by calling the Reception of Towers Health & Racquets Club at 01234 607111


Workshop Provider: CTL Leadership Ltd

Facilitator: Ann Towers. Any questions about the workshop, please contact Ann at

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