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Gym Equipment


4 x Artis Upright Bike

The ARTIS BIKE is designed to mimic the feel of riding an actual road bike. The biomechanics and ergonomic design of this upright exercise bike are designed to improve the user’s comfort and simulate outdoor performance in a variety of riding positions.

3 x Artis Recline Bike

The ARTIS RECLINE recumbent exercise bike is the perfect solution for users with limited mobility who want a cardio workout while in a comfortable seated position.

2 x Watt Bike

An indoor bike which replicates the smooth feel of the road and measures your performance with precise, intelligent data. The Watt Bike is ideal for riders who are committed to being the best they can be.

4 x Concept II Rower

With unrivaled function and durability, Concept2 Indoor Rowers are the machine of choice for people of all ages and athletic ability.

3 x Artis Synchro

ARTIS SYNCHRO recreates the movement of the body when walking or running. The naturally smooth no-impact movement prevents stress to joints whilst providing effective cardio exercise.

3 x Artis Vario

ARTIS VARIO is unique in the way it follows your stride and automatically adapts to movement. Enjoy a broad range of exercises from the first step with the innovative self-start system.

8 x Artis Run

ARTIS Run is state-of-the-art in treadmill technology combining running ergonomics with UNITY, the innovative digital interface ensuring a personalised training experience and cutting-edge connectivity.

2 x Climb Excite

This brand new piece of equipment to Technogym’s portfolio is great for a wide variety of users. With its smooth motion and large range of available speeds the Excite Climb gives a unique stepping experience for the user.

2 x Skillmill

Inspired by athletes and born from Technogym’s experience spanning two decades as official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, SKILLMILL is the first product allowing everyday athletes to improve their Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility, and enjoy the benefits of professional sports training in a safe, engaging and effective way. A unique solution offering a huge variety of workout routines to train all the body’s energy systems.


1 x Selection Pro Leg Press

The Leg Press is specifically designed to strengthen the legs from a comfortable ergonomic seat.

1 x Selection Pro Leg Extension

TThe Leg Extension specifically trains the quadriceps muscles without engaging the lower back in a safe, effective way from a sitting position.

1 x Selection Pro Leg Curl

TThe Leg Curl helps you to work out hamstring muscles in a safe, effective way from a sitting position.

1 x Selection Pro Adductor

TThe Technogym Selection Pro Adductor Machine is the ideal product for training inner thigh strength for everyone from beginners through to the experienced gym user.

1 x Selection Pro Abductor

TThe Abductor works out the hip muscles. It provides effective and safe training ensuring easy use and privacy during the exercise.

1 x Selection Pro Lat Pulldown

TThe Pulldown reproduces a downward pulling movement for effective, secure strength training of the dorsal muscles and arm muscles – all from a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position.

1 x Selection Pro Back Extension

TThe Back Extension works out the lower back muscles providing pelvic stabilisation in a safe, effective way from a comfortable, ergonomic seat.

1 x Selection Pro Abdominal

TThe Total Abdominal is ideal for building abdominal muscles and strengthening hip flexors from a stable and ergonomic position.

1 x Selection Pro Pectoral

TThe Pectoral builds strength in the pectoral muscles in a safe, effective way, and is ideal for all types of users and sports professionals.

1 x Selection Pro Shoulder Press

TThe Shoulder Press is the ideal equipment to exercise the shoulders and arms with maximum safety from a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position.

1 x Selection Pro Low Row

TThe Low Row specifically trains the trunk and Lat muscles in a safe, effective way from a comfortable, ergonomic seat.

1 x Selection Pro Chest Press

TThe Chest Press builds strength in the pectoral and arm muscles in a safe, effective way. It’s ideal for all types of users and sports professionals.

Kinesis Stations

TThese state of the art Kinesis machines allow 360 degree movement for the user and Club Towers boasts the following stations:

T1 x Kinesis Station Press
1 x Kinesis Station Core
1 x Kinesis Station low Pull

Free Weights

TClub Towers has an extensive range of free weights to cater for all training needs. These include a selection of:

T1 x Chrome Dumbbells 1-10kg.
1 x Dumbbells 12-50kg.
Olympic flat, Incline and Adjustable Benches.
Weights and Barbells.

Pure Strength Machines

TClub Towers will have the following plate loaded Pure Strength machines:

T1 x PS Low Row
1 x PS Chest Press
1 x PS Shoulder Press
1 x PS Pulldown
1 x PS Linear Leg Press

1 x PS Half Rack and Platform

TOlympic Half Rack with adjustable bench is a sleek walk-through designed, durable piece of equipment with multi-angle chin handles and integrated barbell storage holder.

1 x Multipower

TIdeal for sports training, Multipower is multi-functional equipment enabling users to perform a large variety of assisted upper and lower limb exercises.

1 x Cable Tower

TCable Tower enables four people to exercise at the same time using four INDEPENDENT weights stacks and a variety of accessories and handles for A full body WORKOUT. With a smartphone, users can scan the integrated QR Code or USE NFC connectivity to access the Technogym system and view dedicated videos which illustrate correct exercise routines suited to the equipment.

1 x Dual Adjustable Pulley

TWith user-friendly design and advanced biomechanics, Cable Stations Dual Adjustable Pulley enables you to perform explosive exercises focused on maximising strength and on building power and speed.

1 x Kettlebell set

TKettlebell training is a key part of integrated movement-based exercise because the whole body is involved in managing the load as it swings through various planes of motion.Technogym has developed a state of the art Kettlebell fully in line with its brand identity and high quality standards.

1 x Omnia 8

TOMNIA is the world’s most versatile functional training concept and the OMNIA⁸ suits varied, group training activities for eight users and more at one time in a well-organised space.


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